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ast 40,000 French, and 30,000 of the● Allie

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jessica jane clement

e battle●

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without a furthe▓r

jessica jane clement

reference to the Prussian co-operation, an●d the action Grouchy may have ▓taken to interfere and prevent what,

if it w▓ere successful, must have been decisi●ve as to result.At the end, one ●French corps, some battalions of● the Guard, and two cavalry divis▓ions were face to face with some ●50,000 men.It will be remembered ●that Grouchy

ceased to be, and fled in ●

jessica jane clement

had been despatched from Ligny l▓ate on the 17th, to prevent this very ●union of the Allied wings. He was 33,000 s▓trong, with 96 guns, and by 8 a▓.m.on


jessica jane clement

鈥?the genius 鈥?/h6>

the 18th, the morning of ▓Waterloo, was nearing Wavre.I▓t was at Sart-le-Walhain that he heard ▓the cannon-roar of battle to his left.▓ What was he to do Nowadays he would have mo●ved to the sound of the guns, and,● however it might be matter of opinion, such a▓ course would have, to say the leas▓t, not have lessened the helpful


jessica jane clement

鈥?the sister 鈥?/h6>

ness of the task● his chief had given him.His ob▓ject was to keep the Allies apart.What he d●id, did not.He attacked the Prussians in front▓ of Wavre.To have crossed the Dyle above Wavr●e, difficult though it was, might have had tw●o results.Firs

t was ei

jessica jane clement

鈥?the rival 鈥?/h6>

t, he would have turned the ▓Prussian position there where the strea●m was less difficult.He must have ▓isolated the corps at Wavre, an●d might have, by appearing on the flank of the▓ Prussian column of march on Smohain and Pl●anchenoit, forced one other corps ▓at

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Island Krk, Croatia

least, to form front towards him, and thus c▓hecked or “contained?/p>


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